How Commercial Cleaning Will Define a Path This Year and Beyond

by | May 18, 2024

Innovation is the key to success for any business. Change and adapting to that change can make or break your business. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to make drastic changes in how we live, work, and clean. When the pandemic started back in 2020, companies that offered cleaning services had to make changes to protect the public and meet the needs of our customers.


The pandemic has changed how commercial cleaners operate and has defined a path of where commercial cleaning will go in the future. Sanitization quickly became a priority, and everyone had to meet standards higher than what people expected before the pandemic.


Autonomous Robotics

Combining automatic cleaning robots with employees is a great way to clean. Cleaning companies can use robotic cleaning machines for labor-intensive tasks, which frees up trained and experienced staff for other tasks. Cleaning robots also helps to reduce waste and boost efficiency.

Businesses Seek Cleaners Who Prioritize Health

Before the pandemic became a part of everyday work life, cleaning an office meant emptying the trash and recycling, mopping the floors, dusting surfaces, cleaning windows. Every once in a while, cleaners deep cleaned but the general rule was that if it looked clean, everything was fine. In this day of age, businesses cannot afford to accept “looking clean”.

Deep Cleaning Is Now the Norm

Deep cleaning has become the norm, with closer attention paid to light switches, doorknobs, and high traffic areas receiving deep cleaning more often. Office spaces have put into place policies that require more frequent cleanings, antimicrobial fabrics on chairs, and UV lights for disinfection. Instead of the general rule being that if it looks clean then everything is fine, it is now cleanliness equals health.

More Than Just About COVID

Any good business knows that what is good for the workers, whether it’s their health or their working environment, is good for the business. Before the COVID pandemic arrived, seasonal illnesses kept people ill and home. With new cleaning and disinfection policies in place, there should be fewer sick days. Fewer sick days mean happier and more productive workers.

Cleaning Technologies Becoming Commonplace

You may have heard about UV lights as a way to sanitize public spaces, particularly hospitals. However, due to the pandemic, people use UV lights to sanitize other places, mainly commercial locations, due to its sustainability, efficiency, and lack of chemicals.

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