Hiring A Move-Out Cleaning Company

by | May 18, 2024

As a landlord or property manager, you have a lot on your plate. Between daily upkeep, collecting rent and managing tenants’ concerns, things can get pretty hectic. But there’s one task you shouldn’t have to tackle on your own: move-out cleaning. Landlords often take on this essential duty because they want to be sure it’s done correctly. While a sparkling rental is a must for impressing tenants, you don’t have to take personal responsibility for it when professional help is available. Find the right local company so you can turn over your rental cleaning to a team of trusted professionals.


Enjoy A Worry-Free Experience

Knowing you’re turning over your apartment cleaning duties to a team of cleaning pros gives you peace of mind. Most professional cleaners also bring their own supplies, removing one more item from your to-do list. And professional cleaners will find and eliminate those hidden problem areas glossed over by most tenants performing a rushed cleaning job to satisfy their obligation. Clean Horizons LLC even provides additional specialty services to take care of more time-consuming tasks like deep-cleaning tile and grout. We clean rentals on a regular basis and take on each job with an organized approach to ensure thoroughness.


Seek Out Professionalism

A professional cleaning company has equipment and supplies you may not keep on hand. Specialty supplies often perform better than ordinary products and tools, helping to ensure your satisfaction — and your tenants’. Clean Horizons supervisors check employees’ work to ensure quality. We keep logs of communications between staff and customers as well as a checklist of tasks performed as part of your custom cleaning plan. We check prospective employees’ criminal histories, and all workers consent to random drug tests. You’ll see the same crew regularly for consistency’s sake, and you’ll be assigned an account manager. If you’re located outside our Lehigh Valley service area, ask local cleaning companies if they offer similar amenities and services.


Choose The Right Company

It’s important to select a cleaning company that can meet your needs. First, do a search for local cleaning companies. Check the reputations of companies you’re considering by reading reviews and ensuring that a prospective cleaning partner is legitimate; while a solid Better Business Bureau rating isn’t a surefire sign of legitimacy, at least you can tell if a company has performed poorly enough to be stripped of its standing with the organization. Second, pick a business that offers apartment turnovers as a specialty service. Of course, experienced cleaners are better equipped to do an excellent job on your rentals. They’ve already made the mistakes that trip up less-experienced workers and likely have figured out the most effective ways of doing things. Thorough training is also a must, especially if your cleaning crew uses proprietary methods when cleaning homes and businesses. Conclusion

Whether you need professional assistance with common area cleaning or interior work on apartment turnovers, choosing the right cleaning service is a must. Clean Horizons provides property managers and landlords in the Greater Lehigh Valley area in Pennsylvania with high-quality rental cleaning. Count on us to handle all the details and make turning over your rental to the next tenant a breeze.

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