Are You Using Disinfecting Wipes?

by | May 18, 2024

The Right Way To Use Disinfecting Wipes Do you believe that all disinfecting wipes are the same? If you do, then you are guilty of one of the habits of the wrong use of disinfecting wipes. You can also tell you do not use the wipes correctly if you do not read the directions on the wipes, and you use a paper towel to dry a surface after wiping it. Again, you cannot use one wipe for several surfaces even when the surfaces do not have dirt. The CDC recommends that the wiping liquid should stay on the surface for a while to kill the germs. Read on to learn how to use the wipes correctly. Clean The Surface of Dirt If your counters are dirty, you need to get rid of the dirt first using a microfiber cloth and water. The liquid in the wipes will not penetrate the dirt and grease on surfaces. After that, read the label on the wipes to ensure that it is safe for the surface you need to clean. For instance, you cannot use these wipes on unfinished wood, but you can use it on hard and nonporous surfaces such as sealed granite, vinyl, and fiberglass. Keep The Surface Wet After using wipes, the surface should stay wet for four minutes or more. Some manufacturers recommend that you keep the surface visibly wet for at least four minutes while others recommend at least 10 minutes. This means that you should use more than one wipe to clean a surface, depending on the size of the surface. If you need to clean a large kitchen counter, ensure you have enough wipes to keep the surface wet at all times. Use One Wipe Per Surface Even if you have small surfaces, we recommend that you use one wipe per surface. Reusing the wipes for different surfaces might lead to transfer from germs from an infested surface to a clean and germs-free surface. Only Use Wipes When Necessary You should not use disinfecting wipes every day. Your daily cleaning should involve wiping with clean water and soap, and this also keeps germs away. You can use disinfecting wipes occasionally when you cut raw meat on countertops or when cleaning after someone who is sick. During the flu season, you can use the wipes too. If you use these wipes every day, there is a chance that you create superbugs, which will be resistant to the disinfecting liquid. If you have to use them regularly, ensure that you use them correctly so that you do not move the germs from one surface to the other, and you do not leave the germs in place. Check Moisture Level Before Use If the wipes are dry, they will ultimately lose their purpose. If they do not leave any moisture on your fingers when you touch them, then they are not any helpful. You can revive dry wipes by adding 70 percent isopropyl alcohol into the package and then allow them to absorb the alcohol completely.

Conclusion If you use the wipes correctly, they will protect your surfaces from germs and keep you healthy. If you do not use them correctly, you will only transfer germs from one surface to the next, and this will not help you at all. Let us know what YOUR favorite wipes are!

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