What Is Included In Commercial Cleaning?

by | May 18, 2024

When you have an office or facility that requires regular cleaning as it’s used each day, you may not have the time or energy to do the work yourself. Proper cleaning is necessary to ensure the space is safe and habitable for your employees to use, which can boost their productivity. When you hire commercial cleaning, there a few services it includes to ensure you understand everything that’s covered with each visit.


Empty The Trash

Most commercial cleaning companies make it a point to take out the trash at each desk in the office for added convenience. They also empty the main trash bins in meeting rooms and break rooms to ensure waste is properly discarded. This will prevent smells or odors from lingering in the space after food and packaging is tossed out.


Interior Window Cleaning

Many commercial cleaning companies are also willing to perform deep cleaning when it’s needed, which includes keeping your glass doors and interior window cleaning. They use quality cleaning products to remove streaks and grime that are present on all windows to ensure you have a clearer view of the outdoors.


Restroom Cleaning

The restrooms are one of the most common areas in the office where cleaning is needed due to how frequently the space is used by employees. Commercial cleaning includes cleaning and sanitizing the toilets and urinals, mopping the floors, and cleaning the sinks. The mirrors are also wiped down to ensure that they are spotless.


Floor Cleaning

The floors can also accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, and grime throughout the week as people come in and out. When you hire a commercial cleaning service, you can expect them to clean the floors, which can make areas where there’s high traffic to be presentable again. Carpets are also vacuumed with each visit, which can remove crumbs and small pieces of paper scattered around. Hard surface floors are swept and mopped. If you require deep cleaning at times, tile and grout cleaning will also be performed every few months, depending on how much the space is in use.



Dusting is one of the main tasks performed with commercial cleaning services to ensure desks, bookshelves, and tables are wiped down. Dusting equipment and computers may also be included. You can give them permission to wipe down the screens on monitors and laptops to ensure the facility is ready to use the next day. Counters and tables in the break room may also be wiped down.


Understanding all that’s included with commercial cleaning services can allow you to learn about the benefits and how it can make your facility cleaner and more comfortable for your team. It can become an essential service that is necessary for the operations of your business each week.

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