Tips For Creating A More Appealing Office

by | May 18, 2023

First impressions are really important, and what could be more important than the impression your office makes on people? The way you present yourself to the public via your office says a lot about who you are and how you do business. A clean office with neatly arranged furniture and an uncluttered desk gives the impression of professionalism and efficiency. Clean offices will ensure that customers keep coming back and spreading the word about your good business practices.


Hire A Company To Clean

Since your staff will be busy working, we highly recommend you to hire a janitorial cleaning service company that can do a good job and work flexibly around your company’s hours. Below are tips on how you can maintain a clean and attractive office.


Keep Your Office Space Free Of Dirt

First of all, when you are in your workspace, do not leave empty drink cups about, and make sure that all rubbish is thrown away and removed daily. All surfaces should be kept clear and free from dust and clutter – especially the desktop and work surfaces.


Clients will have an impression that you are dirty and lazy if they walk into your office and see empty teacups on the desk. It is better to invest in proper bins to dispose of garbage instead of using the office wastepaper baskets.


These waste paper baskets can soon smell if they are not emptied every day, but the larger bins could take up too much space. A compromise could be to have a small bin for general waste and a larger bin for recyclable materials.


Clean Your Washroom

It is important to clean your washroom daily, not just the toilet and sink. The floors, walls, and ceiling should be scrubbed and sanitized at least once a week. A dirty washroom will give customers a bad impression of your company.


Ensure that your office has accessories like tissue paper and hand sanitizer. If the company is female-owned and has female employees, ensure that you have accessories like tampons and sanitary pads. Customers will be grateful if you have these amenities available, as they can help keep them clean. It is also a good idea to provide your staff with these items to stay healthy and productive.


Keep Your Office Furniture In Good Condition

It is important to dust and polish your office furniture regularly. Well-maintained furniture will give the impression of being high quality and expensive. If you have any plants in your office, make sure to water them regularly and keep them free from pests.


Store Your Tool And Clutter To Maintain Cleanliness

Store your tools in a toolbox or hang them on a pegboard when you are not using them. This will prevent them from taking up space on work surfaces and getting in the way. Clutter can quickly make an office look untidy and unprofessional. To avoid this, it is best to have a system for organizing your materials. This could mean using different colored folders to identify different types of documents or using labels to identify different office areas.


Ensure That Your Employees Clean After Themselves

If you want to maintain a clean office, your employees must take responsibility for their messes. This means they should not leave dirty dishes in the sink or rubbish on the floor. Employees should also be encouraged to use hand sanitizer and tissue paper regularly. Coffee cups and food wrappers should not be brought into the office – especially if there is no place to dispose of them properly.


Morale Boosters

When you have drinks like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate available at meetings, it will show that you are considerate. You can bring them into the meeting room in an attractive dispenser and offer sugar cubes to your customers. Customers may even be happy to pay more for your product if they feel that you are friendly.


When you are done with your meeting, designate an area for people to consume any drinks or snacks that they may have brought. This will help to prevent spills and crumbs from getting on the floor. It is also a good idea to put a sign on the office door so that people know not to disturb you.

Decorate Your Office

A plain office feels boring for both customers and employees. An easy way to liven up the atmosphere is by decorating your office with posters or wall hangings. You could even use wall decals, like business stickers, to give your company a new look.

It is also a good idea to add furniture to give your office a more relaxed feel. You could add a coffee table and design some lounge chairs for customers. Then you can let them sit back and relax while they wait for their appointment. Furthermore, employees will get tired of sitting at desks all day long – so this will give them a chance to take a break.


Well, it’s pretty simple: good hygiene in the office will make a better impression on clients and employees alike. This includes keeping supplies in order, tidiness of work areas, and clean hands. Your employees should also not bring in food or drink that can create a mess or smell unpleasant. In addition, spending some time decorating the office with appropriate art/posters/wall hangings is always a nice touch. And don’t forget to keep an air freshener nearby. You want people to feel at home while they’re in your office, right?

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