Professional Office Cleaning

by | May 18, 2024

Americans spend a major part of their day at the office. Although many companies use an office cleaning service, the actual cleaning is conducted with a quick vacuum and emptying of the trash. That means deeper allergens, dirt, dust, and pathogens remain in the blinds, carpets, and furniture upholstery. However, a commercial cleaning company can eliminate these entities for a cleaner and safer work environment.


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Increase in Productivity

The EPA notes that indoor air quality is one of the top five human health risks in the United States. This is because indoor air regularly contains a level of pollutants higher than the outside air. Even the best-run businesses have an indoor air quality issue which leads to lost productivity due to sick employees. Help your employees breathe cleaner air with regular, professional cleaning.


Morale Booster

Employees respond to a cleaner environment which boosts overall morale. When working in a clean environment, employees will dress more appropriately and better maintain their workspace to keep it clean. Even the smallest operations that are kept clean will see a boost in morale which increases productivity and attracts more business.


More Professional Appearance

Consider two scenarios: walking into a business with dusty desks, overflowing trash, and a stained carpet, and walking into a company that smells fresh, looks pristine, and is noticeably clean. The image projected to your customers is a critical factor in the business’s success. A shoddy appearance creates the impression that your company conducts shoddy work. A sanitary company gives higher confidence to customers.


Reduce Spread of Disease

Most companies struggle with viruses spread between employees. When your most valued team members are out of the office, productivity declines. If an illness is impacting your delivery, sales, or other operational areas, reducing the spread is critical. Deep and professional cleaning is a crucial component to keeping your workforce healthy and reducing the spread of disease.


Safer Work Environment

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, employee health and safety have become a major concern. Businesses are interested in deeper cleans to ensure employees and visitors do not contract or spread bacteria. Also, there continues to be a major drive for “green” sanitizing and disinfecting products that do not linger in the air.


When using a commercial cleaning service, understand the cleaning process they use. Not all companies are created equal regarding the services they provide. Some can offer deep cleaning for cleaner and fresher air, improved maintenance, and an impeccable look. For a high touch area in the office, you want to consider disinfecting and sanitized options. Other cleaning services include carpet and rug, drapery and blind, air duct, tile and grout, upholstery, and wall cleaning, as well as concrete floor care.

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